Milford CT veterinarian Kenneth B. Preli, DVM, is the owner and veterinarian for Companion animal hospital of milford, a full service veterinary practice conveniently located in Milford Connecticut.  Animal clinic and veterinary services include wellness examinations for dogs, cats, and other pet animals, immunizations shots, veterinary surgery, veterinary dental services, veterinary laboratory testing, emergency veterinarian care, specialty diets and pet food, and a veterinary pharmacy for your pet medications.
Veterinarian Kenneth B. Preli is committed to providing compassionate health care for your pets, offering the full range of veterinary diagnostic, medical, dental, and surgical veterinary services for your beloved animals at Companion Animal Hospital of Milford.  We service the Connecticut communities of Milford CT, Stratford CT, West Haven CT, New Haven CT, Orange CT, Derby CT, Ansonia CT, and Shelton CT.
The veterinary practice of Dr. Kenneth Preli, Milford Connecticut veterinarian, is conveniently located on Route 1 in Milford CT, offering veterinary care, wellness exams, veterinary dentistry, immunizations for your pet, specialty diets and pet food for your pets, and veterinary surgery and emergency care in an animal hospital conveniently close to exit 34 of the Connecticut turnpike (I95).
For a veterinarian in the greater Milford CT (New Haven County Connecticut) area or an animal hospital, Kenneth Preli DVM and Companion animal hospital of Milford offer a complete range of vet, veterinary, veterinarian, animal hospital, animal clinic, emergency vet services, veterinary surgery, veterinarian exams, veterinary dentistry, and comprehensive wellness and emergency care by a Milford CT veterinarian for your dog, cat, rabbit, or other beloved pet.

Free Vaccines For Life


Save Money and Keep Your Pets Healthy

This program offers clients the opportunity to receive essential vaccinations for the life of your pet. There is an initial enrollment fee of $100 per pet. There are no annual fees or dues, however to remain enrolled in the program, each enrolled pet must be examined yearly by the contracted date.

What is included?

Core Vaccinations:     Rabies and Distemper (canine and feline) are FREE!

Elective Vaccinations:    Lyme, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Flu for dogs and Leukemia for cats are 50% discounted!

What is not included?

The cost of the annual wellness exam is not included and is required to maintain enrollment in the program. If a patient has not been seen at Companion Animal Hospital for a wellness visit for more than 13 months, that patient will no longer be considered enrolled in the program. Also not included is the cost of treatment for any medical conditions, heartworm testing and parasite screening.

What are the savings?

The annual savings for pets enrolled the the Free Vaccines for LIfe program is around $40- 100, meaning the enrollment fee will pay for itself quickly within about 2-3 visits!

When can I enroll?

Pets can be enrolled in the Free Vaccines for Life program at any time after their initial core vaccine series (puppy/kitten series) has been completed.

Can the enrollment fee be refunded or transferred?

No, there are no transfers of enrollment or refunds of the enrollment fee. There is no limit to the number of pets that can be enrolled, however each pet will be charged a separate enrollment fee and is required to be examined annually.

How can my pet become dropped from the program?

If your pet has not been examined at Companion Animal Hospital at least once per calendar year (within 13 months from the prior wellness examination), that pet will no longer be considered enrolled. You may re-enroll that pet at any time and pay a new $100 fee. Examinations at any other veterinary hospital are not considered sufficient to maintain enrollment. Similarly, sick visits do not fulfill the requirement.

Sum this all up!

Client Cost:   $100 one-time enrollment fee +annual exam fee + 50% cost of elective vaccinations

Savings:   Core vaccination costs for life + 50% cost of elective vaccinations

What I need to do: Annual wellness visit to maintain enrollment in the program


*Please inquire with the front desk staff or hospital manager for further information. We hope you can take advantage of this exciting program!

Call Companion Animal Hospital at (203)882-1100 or email for further information.


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